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The first inhabitants of this area were the /Xam (Bushmen). These tiny, self-sufficient people depended entirely on the land for their needs.  The plains teemed with game, so they neither sowed nor kept livestock.  Indigenous plants provided a variety of edible bulbs and bark for further nutritional and medicinal requirements.

The small haven of Britstown along the diamond route across the plains was named after a man who loved the Karoo, Hans Brits. He once accompanied Dr David Livingstone, famous son-in-law of the great missionary Robert Moffat, on a journey to the north. Livingstone originally came to South Africa to help the Moffat family at their mission in Kuruman, and it was on a journey to the north that he met Brits.

They took a liking to each other, and Brits decided to travel with him. But, Livingstone did not get on with the Moffat family, so he soon announced his intentions of travelling deeper into Africa, a decision that led to him becoming probably the continent’s most famous explorer. Brits decided against a life of exploration, and returned to the Karoo.

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More About Britstown

Hans Brits then settled on a farm he named Gemsbokfontein, which is where Britstown now stands. Soon after the discovery of diamonds at Hopetown and Kimberley, Brits realized that he and his neighbors could earn good money serving the growing traffic along the Diamond Way. So Brits arranged for a town to be laid out on a …

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Britstown Accommodation

Britstown has the following accommodation venues waiting to make you feel at home. Click on the venue name for booking and more details about each venues. Hotel / Motel: No Listings . Guest Houses: No Listings . Lodges: No Listings . Bed & Breakfast: No Listings . Guest Farms: No Listings . Overnight Rooms: No …

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Britstown Restaurants

Britstown has some of the finest dinning venues in the Upper Karoo region and they are waiting to serve you their delicious food prepaired and served with true Karoo hospitality and style. Restaurants: Click on the venue name to read more about them. No Listing . Pub & Grill: Click on the venue name to …

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Britstown Education

Will be updated shortly! Click on the institution name for contact details and to read more about them. Technical Colleges: No Listing High Schools: No Listing Secondary Schools: No Listing Primary Schools: No Listing

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