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De Aar

The name De Aar refers to the underground water supply occurring in arteries. The name De Aar was given to a property first surveyed in September 1837, and subdivided in 1839. The subdivision, purchased by Jan Gabriel Vermeulen, was named De Aar for a strong perennial spring there. Surveys carried out in 1881 identified this piece of land as suitable for the primary junction for interior railways on the Cape Government Railways system.

All the water used in De Aar comes from bore holes of which a major part comes from Burgerville. Burgerville was a flourishing town in the early 1930’s, but the town council of De Aar wanted the water from the area on which Burgerville sited. The whole town was thus bought out. 54 Bore holes in areas surrounding the town, ensures the water supply.

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De Aar Environs - De Aar Tourism and Attractions

More About De Aar

In 1902 the brothers Isaac and Wolf Friedlander, who owned a shop and a hotel at the station, bought the farm De Aar for £11 000 and subdivided it, providing land for churches, a town hall and sports fields. Residential and commercial erven (plots) were sold by auction in December that year, and on 20 …

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De Aar Environs - De Aar Tourism and Attractions - De Aar Accommodation

De Aar Accommodation

De Aar has the following accommodation venues waiting to make you feel at home. Click on the venue name for booking and more details about each venues. Hotel / Motel: No Listing . Guest Houses: The Guesthouse . Lodges: Emthanjeni Lodge . Bed & Breakfast: No Listings . Guest Farms: No Listings . Overnight Rooms: …

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De Aar Environs - Tourism and Attractions - Restaurants

De Aar Restaurants

De Aar has some of the finest dinning venues in the Upper Karoo region and they are waiting to serve you their delicious food prepaired and served with true Karoo hospitality and style. Restaurants: Click on the venue name to read more about them. Upstairs Restaurant Schreiner Restaurant . Pub & Grill: Click on the …

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De Aar Environs - Tourism and Attractions - Education

De Aar Education

With De Aar as the capital of the Upper Karoo region it is then no surprise that it has the finest education centres in the region. Click on the institution name for contact details and to read more about them. Technical Colleges: De Aar Campus High Schools: De Aar High School Secondary Schools: Orion Secondary …

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